Writing Literature Reviews
(Fifth Edition)
Table of Contents

Introduction to Fifth Edition xi
1 Writing Reviews of Academic Literature: An Overview 1
2 Considerations in Writing Reviews for Specific Purposes 11
3 Selecting a Topic and Identifying Literature for Review 17
4 General Guidelines for Analyzing Literature 31
5 Analyzing Quantitative Research Literature 45
6 Analyzing Qualitative Research Literature 57
7 Building Tables to Summarize Literature 65
8 Synthesizing Literature Prior to Writing a Review 73
9 Guidelines for Writing a First Draft 83
10 Guidelines for Developing a Coherent Essay 95
11 Guidelines on Style, Mechanics, and Language Usage 101
12 Incorporating Feedback and Refining the First Draft 109
13 Preparing a Reference List 113
14 Comprehensive Self-Editing Checklist for Refining the Final Draft 117
Model Literature Reviews for Discussion and Evaluation 123
Review A Cyberbullying Among College Students
                 Journal of School Violence
Review B Waterpipe Smoking Among College Students in the                  United States
                 Journal of American College Health